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WhatsApp Customer Support- Laundry Chain

US-based leading dry-cleaning and laundry chain enables customer support with WhatsApp customer support business API

Success story

After introducing a WhatsApp-enabled chatbot


Decrease in wait time
for customer reply


Customer inquiries resolved
through WhatsApp


Reduction in time to
answer customers’ query

Their Story

Our client is a US-based leading dry-cleaning and laundering service provider offering quality garment care and washing services in the East Coast with their 350 franchisee stores.

Their Challenges

In the absence of a centralized system, the franchise owner receives filtered customer grievances, feedback, and suggestion for improvement from their staff. our client the franchisor was also completely missing the insight on how their franchisee stores are responding and resolving to the customer’s query.

Missing direct

Store owner’s time
involved in answering the
customer queries

Long waiting to get the
response even on a
simple and frequently
asked question like the
status of their laundry
service and pick up

Their Goal

They aimed to optimize and streamline their customer support because on an average each store receives 20 customers’ phone calls per day that makes 210,000 calls /month across all stores.

Their Solution

Systematix Infotech was sure that WhatsApp chatbot could resolve this issue and therefore proposed conversational WhatsApp chatbot to the client. WhatsApp bots simplified the whole process:

  • The bot enabled direct interactions with all the customers
  • Customer’s suggestions and feedback on the store is received directly.
  • Customers get quick answers to their FAQ without waiting time
  • Order status, payment due, pick-up and drop time notifications are sent through WhatsApp instantly on the transaction.

The solution isn’t limited to chat, and it built with integrated CRM. One of the features of CRM is a ticketing system where queries that are not auto responded by the bot are saved to be resolved by the customer support team.

Their Success

Achieved a fast and effective way to offer help—without interrupting customer experience.
24x7 availability, personalized messaging, instant, and relevant reply to the customer creates a personal connection with customers who are looking for support.

  • 88% decrease in wait time for customer reply
  • 95% of incoming customer inquiries resolved through WhatsApp
  • CRM and ticket system ensures responding to each customer’s queries
  • The client focus and spend time to resolve the specific question, query, inquiry or grievance of the customer
  • 97% reduction in time to answer the customers’ query by the store owner

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