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100% visibility of the order status from booking of the vehicle to the customer delivery and servicing.

Supply Chain Management

A leading automotive brand approached Systematix to design a Supply Chain Management solution. Systematix designed and developed solution that connected their network right from customer to their authorized dealer and body builders. The SCM system deployed helps their customers get visibility on the status of the order placed with their authorized dealer. The order tracking includes visibility right from the vehicle order booking to building of the vehicle body by their authorized body builder and availability of the same at the dealer location for pick up. This SCM system also provides the visibility and control to the manufacturer to make sure that the
vehicles servicing is done by the parts provided by their authorized body builder to their dealer network. Manufacturer is also able to measure the performance of their authorized body builders and dealers.

Business impact by the development:

  • Timely customer delivery by closely monitoring the body building process. Rerouting body building to the another nearest authorized body builder in case the primary builder is unable to deliver the vehicle on time.
  • Real-time tracking of the chassis movement from the manufacturing unit to the body builder and final vehicle delivery from the dealer to the customer
  • Monitoring vehicle service standards post sales
  • Service ticket updates to the customer through SMS
  • Monitoring the performance of the body builders and dealers across regions


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