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More power to you with home automation app.

Home Automation App

UAE based Controllex LLC, is a startup with goal to connect most devices in the market to a single platform. Starting with enhancing controllability of few devices, they wish to empower their customers to control everything in the future. After PoC evaluation from a few vendors, Controllex LLC choose Systematix Infotech for IoT hardware design and application development.

ROI to Controllex Customers

  • Long term investment with energy saving up to 15%
  • Healthy life, smaller carbon footprint, reduced CO2 emission by 13%
  • Flawless house management with cost savings as high as $100,000

Product Overview

Controllex controls various devices, irrespective of the brand, and helps to reduce cost, time-and energy. All home automation devices like TV, AC, light, fan, Microwave, Refrigerator, garage, home security system, cameras, music system etc. can be controlled and managed with the single smart remote control, while away from home.
Tasks can be scheduled keeping oneself free from botheration. This means that all controls in hand with a comfort of scheduled switching on/off. This is what makes the home a SMART HOME!
The size of the screen does not change the display of the app. The app can also receive important commands even in the lock screen widget. In case of emergency or otherwise, the control can also be shared with other members of the family in few easy steps. Automated notification is another plus to home automation app Controllex. Even if an electronic appliance at home has not been switched off, a notification will be received by the app enabling the homemaker to control it then and there.

Product Features

  • Single remote control for multiple brands and makes
  • One remote control for operating all devices
  • Configure new devices and appliances on demand
  • Controlling of devices over Wi-Fi from distant locations
  • Easy to install and/or configure
  • Automated Safety alerts in trouble condition

IoT Design and Development

Systematix Infotech’s IoT experts focused on designing the solution that meets the desired product features. The IoT solution uses IR wireless technology where the command from any IR remote is received by the device and sent to the backend application for further processing. The backend decides when to send back the command to device and the device will transmit the command through IR transmitter. The device has inbuilt memory of 10 MB for storing the command received from the backend application.

Systematix provided IoT hardware design and application for the complete product roll out. The services included are:
PCB designing
  • This included schematic, layout designing and fabrication of 2x2.25 inches sized PCB, a Wi-Fi module, LED indicators, SD card (2 GB), IR transmitter, and IR receiver.
Firmware & API development
  • Developed on Arduino platform, the firmware included Wi-Fi search and connect to open Wi-Fi network. A learning mode in which the receiver will learn the command from IR remote and send it on backend. When the backend sends the command to the device the IR transmitter executes the command.
Testing and debugging for a flawless product launch.

Customer Testimonial

"Satisfaction, as the end result
Systematix, a name that makes life simple and easy. You give them the problem and they are ready with the most perfect solution. The device they have developed is a boon for Home Automation."


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