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Smart Vehicle Servicing App

A leading automotive brand digitized vehicle service job card process pan
India Isn’t it great! Right from the entry of the vehicle to exit, the on-going servicing of the vehicle at the service center is trackable anytime anywhere by the stakeholders.

Digital Transformation of the Vehicle Servicing Process

The client’s pan India service center network of 800 dealers and workshops were manually managing vehicle servicing process starting from vehicles details entry at the time of arrival, issues faced, repairs done, and servicing provided. Manual process led to massive chaos of maintaining bundles of job cards and involved manpower while compromising productivity. The vehicle servicing history was crucial for data intelligence however in absence of automation, this was challenging to drive from around 10,000 job cards every day and approx. 250,000 transactions. Thus, came the demand for automating and digitally transforming the entire process.

Key business goals that the client was aspiring were:

  • Minimizing operational cost by 30%
  • Go paperless by automating end-to-end job card process
  • Service dashboard with key data such as number of vehicles in workshop, number of job cards and their status, open job cards by model, location, engineer and technician.
  • Real-time tracking of the vehicle’s servicing status across entire service center network
  • Vehicle service history on a single click for both the service center and the vehicle owner
  • Auto reminders to the customer on the “vehicle service due” and to the service center for smart follow up.
  • Business analytics on the historic data.

An enterprise-grade mobile application to achieve set objectives.

The smart vehicle service management app is a cloud-based enterprise mobile application for automotive OEMs. It allows OEMs and aftermarket suppliers to manage vehicle or part servicing done of vehicles and/or parts under or out of warranty service period by their service network. This application transforms service management with the functionality to manage job card creation including estimation (parts and labour), vehicle entrance and exit recording, customer service feedback, customer approval, service history, vehicle status report and variance analysis on time and cost. The enterprise grade application manages 2000+ concurrent users from their service network. The data is used for deriving KPIs for service dashboard for the OEM.

vehicle arrow

As soon as vehicle is in, the service manager records vehicle complaints and other servicing expectation of the customer in an intuitive screen.


Various servicing tasks performed on the vehicle are captured by the service advisor.

vehicle arrow arrow

Final notes are filled by the service advisor and completion of servicing is market.


Job card is created for customer to view and approve.

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Soon upon approval a service advisor is assigned to the vehicle instantly.


The vehicle is handed over to the service manager

vehicle arrow

The vehicle is handed over to the customer

Pointwise Vehicle tracking

Track vehicles at each terminal in real-time, whether the vehicle servicing is ongoing or is delayed because of certain vehicle problems.

Vehicle Status report

Can check if vehicle parts are excellent or bad in quality (originality) with this software to obtain the correct vehicle service analysis.

Service Reminder

Auto notifications to the vehicle owner for time-to-time servicing.

Vehicle & Service History

Get details of vehicle service history from your service network. In the service history of a vehicle, you can see the status whether accidental or not, and all the work done during the previous service activities include replacement barcode scanning, before and after photographs of replacement components.

Detailed Invoice

Detailed bill of part and labour costs incurred during service job with their model number etc. sent to vehicle owner.

Job-card dashboard

A dashboard for Workflow Management and Service status. Number of vehicles in workshop, Number of job cards and their status, Replacement Part Request and Supply

Job-card Estimation

The estimated amount parts, labour cost and time is calculated. Include customer complaints and promised services if any, take photos and depict the visual scratches on the vehicle and customer signature. In addition, through Email and SMS, you may provide the Customer an estimation report.

Notification to customers

You may send SMS/WhatsApp/Email notifications to see the progress of the work status to the vehicle owner.

CSAT and Customer Service feedback

Invite customers to give rating and feedback. Analyse CSAT and customer feedback to improve service facilities.

Why Choose Systematix for Digital Transformation?

Systematix has been strategizing and executing various such digital transformations for enterprises using state-of-the-art new technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, RPA/IPA, BI and Chatbots. Our vast exposure and implementations speak of the trust our clients have in delivering digital transformation solutions.


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