500+ sales reps pan india of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TMTL)use a custom sales process automation application to manage leads including their first information and sales rep’s sales funnel.

Sales process automation for:

  • Best-in-class governance
  • Centralized collaboration
Business goals behind creating this custom application are
  • Close monitoring of the dealer sales channel
  • Better sales conversion
  • Sales analytics
Business impact by the application
  • Organized leads data for efficient sales funnel monitoring and conversion.
  • Predictive sales forecast and lost opportunity analysis
  • Dealers and their sales reps’ performance
  • Buyer Feedback mechanism for product enhancement
Desktop and mobile-based solution that is collecting massive first information about a buyer like their personal details, current vehicle and their details, is it purchased on a mortgage or not, buyer’s wishlist of tractor’s features, planned date to go for next buy, and many more. The huge data thus captured helps to build and analyze sales for Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd.