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A single system that manages three SBUs of a UK based leading Maritime and Shipping Research and Consulting company.

Research Process Automation For Maritime Research

Summarizing situation

A leading research and consulting service provider gathers huge volume of unorganized and unstructured data from various sources for the analysis to be used by the maritime and shipping industry. This data helps them analyze the market and shipment price trends and come up with a meaningful insight for their clients to strategize when and how to ship their consignments. However, the entire process was losing an important factor that is timely delivery of the analysis report for their clients to help them take the right decision at the right time.

Impact on the business


Initially, the project started with an objective to debug issues in their existing system and scale up the same. Eventually the need for complete revamping of the system was realized. The objective was to structure the collection of source data like Port to Port rate, Shipper size TEUs, Port to Port transit time, Port to Port free days for clearace, Rate appraisal, Rate ranking, and Speed analysis etc. from their clients. This would automate the process of data collection bypassing the need for importing data csv files into the system for further processing.
There is around 100 data types created, and with the help of APIs multiple sources are being added.Now it creates monthly time series data for dry bulk, tankers, chemical, LPG, LNG, MPV, offshore and container sectors. Besides sector-specific data, the system also houses data on bunker prices, exchange rates and lots more.
Finally, the system has automated their process of data collection, drawing meaningful insight from the data and also interface to write reports including charts and graphs as desired to present the data and send this report via Email to their clients. Soon it was realized to provide a service portal to all their clients for letting them access reports on-demand and have a centralized repository of information. This led us into another project of creating a 24/7 accessible service portal for their customers. The service portal is a private secured website that enables our client to deliver research and analytics reports, research offerings & related services to its customers based on their subscription plan. The application performs as was promised and is currently under maintenance.

Resolution impact

  • The customer-base increased from 35 to 78 companies within 7 months
  • Upload, verify and validate up to 50,000 records in 15 mins
  • Upload 500,000 data in 10-15 seconds
  • Search up to 800,000 records in 2 seconds
  • Report creation time reduce from 15 days to 8 hours.