Why should you hire a professional React Native developer?

The adeptness of expert React Native mobile app development professionals working on your project decides your app’s caliber.

With access to the latest technology and cross-platform framework, a full-time React Native developer gives you a sense of security. They cover risks in advance following an end-to-end process instead of merely developing your mobile app.


Shouldn’t I hire an expert freelancer for React Native mobile app development?

This question comes to almost everyone seeking the best scalable React Native development services at affordable costs.
While in agencies, every team member is accountable and answerable, in freelancing, they are not. React Native development companies use different tools and keep their members updated with the latest tech, unlike freelancers who use the same properties and tools in every project.
Agencies have a team that provides quality work over quantity. So, a team of React Native developers can give you better results than a single member doing every task required in mobile app development.


Shouldn’t I hire interns for my Android and iOS app development services??

No, please do not do that. Interns are naïve, and you’ll have to spend more money to train them. Also, a React Native developer will ease your efforts with minimum cost.
Interns for Android and iOS will give different results, whereas a single React Native developer will reuse the code and pre-built components for Android and iOS. So, instead of going for two different app development interns, switching to a React Native development company will be a better cost-efficient choice.


Shouldn’t I hire an in-house development team?

The in-house team lacks the knowledge and expertise in different sections of React Native application development. They need a leader who can tell them what they need to do, whereas React Native development companies have an in-built team of experts who works on React Native mobile app development every day.
If a developer leaves from your in-house team, you will have to start hiring again, whereas, in React Native development companies, they already have sufficient developers to fill any human resource gaps. Agencies have a streamlined process and know the value of on-time delivery. So, React Native development company over the in-house team is always better.

Do you know React Native development can save a lot of costs and efforts?

Have a look at how much your business can save with a single React Native application development:

  • React Native can reduce the cost up to 35% than a separate Android and iOS app development.
  • React Native saves almost 45% of developing and debugging time so you can get your app ready in minimum time.
  • 60% of businesses are already engaged in cross-platform app development services.
  • The time you need for quality assurance gets reduced to 35%.
  • You can get changes done according to your needs nearly 50% of the time in React Native than in traditional development.
  • Google Play Store has 2.9 million apps
  • 4.4 Million apps are there on the Apple App Store
  • On average, 90% of code can be used on both platforms, reducing your need to pay and hire separate app developers.
  • They are available all-day
  • With declarative coding, they can generate updates, streamlining the process.
  • Believes in long-term legal contracts
  • Updated with latest React Native technology and tools
  • Higher Engagement Level with better communication
  • They are reliable and provide security
  • Understands the value of time
  • Constant pricing - Fixed Contract

“To ensure better mobile app development in minimum time, rely on a professional React Native developer who is capable of giving great performance and is ready to make proper changes understanding the needs on-demand.”

Mobile applications are not an easy task to develop. It takes several days for development and deployment, and a dedicated team available can ensure prompt debugging. Professional React Native developers over freelancers and in-house teams are always cost-efficient. Hiring them serves more benefits to the business:

Why partner with Systematix Infotech for your React Native app development services?

We are a digital transformation agency, leveraging the world’s most innovative brands with our specialized React Native application development capabilities. We offer expert consultation and execute everything from strategy to development to delivery for any project.

“As your digital experience partner, you can trust us to gain a competitive advantage and achieve optimum business growth.”

We back you with our team of dedicated and skilled professionals. You will experience excellent QUALITY, communication TRANSPARENCY, and a team that has unmatchable “CARE” and “COMMITMENT” for every delivery. Since our inception in 2005, we are resolute in solving customer problems through exquisite design and innovative technology to accelerate their growth rate.

Hire Our React Native Team

Fixed Price Project

Hire Entire Team

  • Suitable for Defined Project Scope
  • Get dedicated PM & Account manager
  • You’ll have a dedicated Testing team
  • Communicate easily with Zoho, Email, Skype and Phone

Daily Billing

  • Suitable for Smaller Projects
  • 8 Hours daily billing
  • 3+ Years Experience of developers
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Communicate easily with Zoho, Email, Skype and Phone

Monthly Billing

  • Suitable for Long Term Projects
  • 20 Days Billing
  • 3+ Years Experience of developers
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Communicate easily with Zoho, Email, Skype and Phone

Work That Speaks for Us!

Here are some of the delightful React Native application development experiences that we delivered, and our customers loved them too!
Helped Brazil’s Neymar Jr Experience get a mobile application in 3 different languages with our tech-driven strategies.

Brazil’s Neymar Jr Experience wanted a tech solution to help potential people learn soccer with zero investment. With a detailed understanding of the concept, we helped them with our React development technology. We developed an Android and iOS app in Portuguese, Spanish, and English with a real-time performance tracker.

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100% automated skilled candidate finding process for Rhapidus, another client from Brazil.

The client wanted a streamlined recruitment process for skilled contractors based in Brazil. So, we developed a mobile app with React Native technology for Android and iOS where scheduling interview, video interview, and note-taking is made possible just from an application. So, today they can recruit skilled candidates from Brazil.

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We believe in building applications that help businesses around the world lead the way forward.

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“With 250+ resources across the spectrum of advanced technologies, we are geared to be a full-stack technology partner in your start-up and growth journey.”

We have delivered 2500+ projects across Automotive, logistics, eCommerce, Finance & Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Printing, Agriculture, and Education Industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any NDA that you sign?

Yes, we do have an NDA that we sign with every client. However, the NDA document has different sections that are included/excluded as necessary.

Will I own the code of my react native mobile app?

Depending upon the pricing package you are choosing, we can hand over the code’s authority to you. You will get the NDA, Copyright, and Intellectual Property rights, but handing over the source code can be agreed upon only after discussing the project cost and deliverables.

How long will it take to develop my React Native App?

We cannot guarantee the time unless the scope of the work is discussed. For a small project, the time may vary between 3 to 12 weeks. Whereas, for a big project, the time taken will be more.

What affects my react native app development timeline?

Your app and someone else’s app can be different with varying sizes, customization, integration, features, and functionalities.

What are benefits of using the React Native development?

React Native runs on both Android and iOS, allowing you to target both platforms from the output of a single development team and codebase. This means that the associated logistics around planning, development, testing, and deployment are easier.

Apart from that, React Native supports both Hot and Live Reloading, which means that developers can quickly see and test changes as they do. The ability to do this without having to manually reload an app and lose its present state is a great productivity boost during development.

What kind of after-sales support and maintenance do you offer?

Once the project is ready, we offer support for its deployment and training support for the team. We can also provide training manuals and videos at a small additional cost. After development, first-year maintenance is complimentary. However, any feature addition other than the ones discussed in the scope will be considered an independent project and shall be charged extra.

Our Belief

At Systematix, we believe in delivering remarkable experiences to both our customers as well as team members. We connect with our customers and employees like friends to develop a deeper connection and see things with greater clarity. This ideology helps us serve our customers better with high-quality deliverables and engage employees in a hard way to find elsewhere. We are today what we are because of such delightful experiences.


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