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An integrated solution with plug-in modules for complete healthcare ecosystem starting from appointment scheduling, diagnostics, treatment plan, progress notes to EHR, and from medication management to electronic billing and claims submission.

Product Reengineering for Healthcare ISV

Summarizing situation

A USA based healthcare ISVs is working in the healthcare domain from the last couple of years. Based on their experience, they planned to create a single solution that is architected in such a way that modules can be picked or chosen, they can work independently to cater to the specific functions and can also be easily integrated to enable the system for the complete healthcare value chain.

Quick walkthrough


The client was in the business of offering a SaaS-based electronic health records solution to the healthcare providers.


The client observed that healthcare providers are using several applications to manage their processes and data. These applications were generally not talking to each other. Therefore the healthcare providers need to make extra efforts to unify data. Further, the application was on conventional technologies, complicated for use by the entire value chain. The need for an end-to-end software to manage patients right from check-in to appointment setting to manage records to know the progress of a patient so on and so forth.


The client now has a single software solution for doctors, medical assistants, nursing assistants, home health, pharmacy, hospitals, and caregivers.


With a small product development team having limited capabilities in new technologies, they knew it would be difficult to roll out the product. They were in search of a technology partner who can help them launch their product quickly so that they can address the growing demand in the target segment. The client got a reference from one of their business consultants to approach Systematix Infotech to develop this solution.
Based on the requirement, Systematix Infotech involved senior product architects, mobile, and web teams to design an application that has scalability and security. Our developmentā€™s ultimate goal was to combine all the modules in one solution. Systematix created the following modules, to name a few

Systematix is still working with the client on other projects related to RPA, AI, ML, and enhancing the
capability of the existing system.

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