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An application that connects gyms with its user virtually and assists end-to-end to make user fit

Virtual Trainer for Creating a Personalized and Detailed Workout Plan

Summarizing situation

A leading US based health and wellness brand observed that teenagers and youngsters are greatly inclined towards their fitness. However planning the workout as what to do, how much time to do is a common problem. A personal trainer is generally the solution as most gyms have the facility of personal training, however, many a times it is difficult for the fitness seeker to get the personal trainer in his preferred time slot. Further personal trainer may or may not be always beside the trainee. Therefore, gap was identified and the need for an application that can work as digital trainer emerged.


The client decided to launch the mobile application with a web-based backend admin to manage the mobile application. The mobile application allows gym and a user to connect virtually.
Post profile creation a user has to undergo a survey. Based on this survey the gym creates a personalized and detailed plan for workout . It not only creates workout plan but also supports the user with the videos of how to do specific exercises. The app also tracks that the user is following the workout plan. A gym or he himself can compare his performance vis-z-vis training plan.

Solution features

  • Recommended personalized workout plan
  • 24/7 availablity of personal trainer
  • Monitor progress on the plan
  • Videos that guide the right way of using gym equipments with Dos and Don’ts

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