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Saving 100% cost and time in printing patient information leaflets and inserting them in medicine packaging boxes

A Mobile Application that Provides Drug Information Anytime Anywhere to the Patients

Summarizing situation

UK based well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer thought of transforming and digitalizing patient information leaflets that is placed inside the packaging of medicines and vaccines. The company experienced that patients hardly refer to the printed leaflets because of its lengthy content and font size. However, the company is required to share all information with the patient about a drug including it's content, dosage, uses, side effects, allergies and other important information to adhere to the compliances.

Summarizing situation
Impact on business

Impact on business

  • High printing cost of leaflets
  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • High chance of error because of the human dependent process


The client was exploring the possibility of going digital. Considering the business challenge, Systematix Infotech recommended the client to go for a mobile application that will provide drug information anytime anywhere to the patients. The client was keen on having this application fast. In just 55 days of the effort, native applications were designed and developed for iOS and Android devices.



Search is the key feature in this application. For ease of access, patients are given several options to search for the drug information leaflets. They can scan the barcode, QR code that is printed on medicine box or Scan the name of the medicine, and OCR (optical character recognition) implemented in the application creates search keywords, or they can type in the search bar.


Localization was another important business requirement. The application allows the client to publish drug information leaflets in 6 different languages.

Patient Forum

Patient Forum feature allows patients to discuss common issues, symptoms, medicines etc. with a similar set of patients.

  • Search history
  • Audio enabled leaflet
  • Font Size Adjustment
  • Access Yellow Card and NSH for more information
  • Audio Video information of drugs

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