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Mobile App Development

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7 ways to profit from our expertise.

Strategic Mobility Model:

Mobility Consulting

It all starts with a 360-degree consultation where we strategize the best-in-class solutions for our clients at highly competitive rates. We make use of the dynamic-model approach and infuse client preferences with ideas pertaining to:

  • Technology Plans
  • Mobility Business
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Mobility Consultation & Mentorship
Mobility Software Application Services

Automating Business Processes

Once the mobility consultation is initiated, we address the BPA (Business Process Automation) techniques for automating organizational activities on the basis of workflows and specified functions. This phase takes care of:

  • Sales-Specific Mobility Requirements
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

Information Management

This is where we take care of the information flow and make sure that uniform, secured, and formatted distribution takes place. We take note of:

  • Complex Data Reserves
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Existing Security Guidelines
Mobility Software Devices & Platforms
Mobility Software Application Services

iOS Mobile Application Development

After getting well-versed with the client details, automated business processes, and information reserves, we start with the mobile app development process, dedicated towards iOS. During this phase we deploy:

  • Professional developers
  • In-House Coding Strategies
  • Agile Methodology for maximizing velocity
  • End-to-End Support
  • Application Store Deployment
  • Maintenance and Platform Updates, if and when required

Android Mobile Application Development

Next we have our Android application development services dedicated towards a specific clientele and diverse industry verticals. We provide:

  • Native app development strategies
  • Hybrid app development strategies
  • UI/UX Designing Ideas
  • Android Web Applications
  • Application Porting and Testing
  • App Consultation
Mobility Software Devices & Platforms
Mobility Software Application Services

Cross-Platform Application Development

Our mobility services envision and create applications that cater to a wider-audience base. A cross-platform mobile app is something that has a unified source code which can be used to run the application on all the existing platforms. Our approach towards this process involves:

  • Using technologies and functional frameworks like Xamarin, REACT NATIVE, etc.
  • Offering powerful backend frameworks
  • Agile Development technique for quick application time
  • Post Development and Deployment Support
  • Offering Reusable and Scalable Codes

Unified Endpoint Management

As enterprises have started to incorporate cloud apps and IoT devices in their infrastructure, securing and connecting the business environment has turned out to be a challenge. With our Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) consulting, you can manage corporate data from a single console. 

  • Device Enrollment
  • Remote Control
  • Device Location Tracking
  • Reporting and Monitoring in Real-Time
Mobility Software Devices & Platforms

Customer Successes

Our apps are custom-geared to deliver services across industry verticals:

Field Force management apps.

Field Force management apps.

  • Helps build a truly mobile workforce by streamlining work orders
  • Enhances real-time decision making
  • Bolsters communication both internally and with clients as a part of strategic mobility services
Enterprise mobility apps.

Enterprise mobility apps.

  • Helps remain ‘always-on’ and capture finer data,
  • integrate database & legacy systems,
  • Crank up efficiency and shore up security,
  • Empower workers and create paper-less workplaces.
 Logistics apps.

Logistics apps.

  • Transform culture across the board with paper-free & hands-free operation,
  • Track inventory & transit in real-time
  • Build a competitive edge with potent enterprise solutions.
 Restaurant apps.

Restaurant apps.

  • Get Discovered Easily
  • Amp up ROI by promoting your brand & offers
  • Deliver better fulfillment.
Apps for on-demand services.

Apps for on-demand services.

  • Build reach
  • Multiply productivity
  • Generate better customer experiences with dedicated IT mobility solutions.
IoT based apps.

IoT based apps.

  • Decode customer behaviour better
  • Fine-tune efficiencies
  • Bring down costs with customized and competitive customer mobile enterprise services.


  • Engage clients powerfully
  • Gain sharper insights
  • Nurture leads better.
Custom Enterprise Application Development

Custom Enterprise Application Development

  • Tap our multi-platform expertise to transform your DNA
  • Build memorable customer relationships
  • Scale the business faster.

Count on us for much more than just awesome mobile experiences.

  • Quality


    Ensure your product matches and exceeds the highest industry benchmarks by getting top iOS & android developers (with deep-core experience across spaces like such as improved reality, Finance/Banking Program and social media) to work for you.

  • Personalization


    Get customized, protected and cost-intelligent solutions with our deep understanding of the latest platform, methodologies, and practices (such as Native and Hybrid mobile apps, for instance).

  • Experience


    Achieve highly compatible apps with product friendly app listings that deliver a memorable experience.

  • End-to-end


    Count on us for the whole nine yards : Designing, development and maintenance.

  • Confidentiality


    100% confidentiality: Our NDA spells out the stringent security clauses we adhere to at all times, making your business information & product data 100% safe.

  • Help


    As one of the leading providers of enterprise mobility solutions in India we make sure that the concerned clientele never runs out of assistance & advice with our team of 24X7 specialists – we’re with you long after our official association is over.

QUICK PEEK: How Our Mobility Solutions Work

As we proudly place our enterprise mobility solutions as one of the finest in India, we have a deeper understanding of the fact that every business, regardless of its size and spread, requires to witness a paradigm strategy shift, in regard to the mobile platform.

Here are some of the strategies and insights we work with:

Envisioning IT Mobility Solutions Roadmap

We make sure that clients are first informed and consulted regarding the preferred mobility services domain before solutions are even rolled out. We make sure that the entire strategy roadmap is envisioned beforehand as a part of the concerned business architecture.

Targeting Corporate Setups

This is where we specifically focus on high-end mobile security and data alignment as some of the more prior corporate strategies

Innovating around the SMAC Framework

All of our services are built on the SMAC framework i.e. Social presence, Mobile Platforms, Analytics and Data, and Cloud ecosystem.

Strategizing the Release Management Process

Our app release train is aligned with the Scaled Agile Framework fort integration testing, debugging, and rectifications. Our experienced developers review and test codes meticulously besides monitoring the app versions and using stage-rollouts, whenever possible.

Go mobile NOW.


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