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Smart Dustbin for Khargone (MP) India Municipal Corporation

A major step towards waste management with smart bin solutions.

IoT Waste Management Smart bin

Khargone (MP) India ranked the 15th cleanest city in India in Swachh Survekshan 2018. Getting there was not easy. Waste management and untreated garbage is the huge challenge for Municipal bodies in India and same was for Khargone Municipal Corporation. They were figuring out how the technology can help them to do waste management smartly.

The challenges:

  • How to get the waste bin Level status alerts?
  • How they can control pollution due to overflow?
  • How to monitor that waste bin maintenance?
  • How to control high logistics cost due to redundant trips?

The Resolution

Systematix created an smart dustbin solution to take care of waste management. This application which is integrated with hardware automatically monitors waste management operations.

The outcome of smart bin development:

  • Super quick Dustbin offloading
  • Clean and sustainable environment
  • Garbage level notifications
  • Route plan as per DustBin status
  • Notifications directly to drivers and Head Office

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