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Internet of Things connects businesses with the things that matter: Customers, Innovation, Outcomes.

Via dual expertise in IoT hardware and software, businesses can bring to life custom, IoT driven applications that connect themselves with new audiences, markets, and opportunities.

Experts predict the IoT industry will connect over 30 billion connected devices by 2020. And hit $11 trillion by 2025. What do you want to connect with a smarter internet?


Our smart IoT Solutions. The go-to strategy for smarter businesses.


Deep core expertise in IoT HARDWARE + Mission critical experience in IoT SOFTWARE

As IoT experts, we hyper connect your business with a goal-first and customer-facing co-creation methodology. By covering the full analytics life cycle (regardless of volume, velocity or variety), we empower you with a trove of invaluable data. Our Cloud and Edge processing based platforms then translate it into intuitive visualizations, letting you take informed decisions in real-time, and move from insight to action quicker than you thought possible.

  • Connect devices with the right sensors.
  • Integrate hardware across spectrums.
  • Capture customer moments by integrating platforms.
  • Integrate and analyse data in real-time.
  • Take better decisions with augmented intelligence.
  • Create custom workflows and actions.
  • Integrate systems like CRM and ERP.
  • Design-Develop-Deploy end to end processes.
  • Sync up IoT solutions and enterprise architecture seamlessly.

Go from DATA to DISCOVERY to DEPLOYMENT faster than ever: Explore our SERVICE ARC

Solution development

  • Propose industry-specific solutions based on the work module and client preferences
  • End-to-End Designs
  • Mobile App Development
  • Hardware Product Design (PCB, Firmware)
  • Handle Standalone Gadgets and adding Smart Capabilities to Each one of them
  • Create Links Between the Digital World and Physical Gadgets
  • Render PCB Fabrication Support
  • Implement Strategic Design Flow

Gather insights with data analytics

  • Put forth an analytical approach for gathering data
  • Use Predictive Intelligence and BI Tools for Deriving Real-Time Insights
  • Execute Performance Analysis
  • Analyze Data Patterns
  • Generate Reports
  • Measure Data Model Accuracy
  • Cleanse Data

Develop proof of concept

  • Discuss Objectives
  • Validate Solution Design based on Data
  • Create Pilot Budget
  • Vendor Selection Depending on Scalability, Quality, and Overall Fit
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Work as ‘Proof of Value’

Build the product

  • Create the next generation of connected devices and business applications by identifying the right partners and platforms.
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Make Room for IoT Consulting
  • Recommend Solution Blueprint


  • Onboard users, monitor the behaviour and manage business operations
  • Offer Service Enhancement Consulting
  • Make Room for Modelling Consulting, in case of Modifications

The Partnership of Things.

Connect with Us for:

End-to-end service portfolio

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Hardware interfacing
  • Mobile App Development
  • UX/UI Designing
  • Information Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • M2M
  • RFID
  • Wearables

Hands-free solutions

We can deliver solutions on a turn-key basis or as a ‘service’ – taking the hassles of deploying, integrating and managing off your ‘to-do’ list.

Best of breed experience.

Leverage bleeding-edge IoT solutions that deliver peak efficiency – with top security of your customers’ data – at all times.

360-degree approach.

Combine technology, strategy, analytics, and market-insight to co-build a bespoke-plan that takes you from idea to activation seamlessly.

Total lifecycle support

Get assured and ongoing service and support to ensure uptime, security, and resilience that match the highest benchmarks.

Connect with our Industry-Focussed IoT Solutions Connect with sharper Business Outcomes.

Our IoT talent bench retains the versatility and depth to address mandates and missions across industries like:


  • Connects Machines
  • Monitors Activities Remotely
  • Offers Real-Time Analysis
  • Keeps a Close Eye on Production Data


  • Makes Room for Precision Farming
  • Supports Agricultural Drones
  • Creates Smart Greenhouses
  • Improves Livestock Monitoring


  • Improves Hand Hygiene
  • Offers Real-Time Insights regarding Services and Location
  • Tracks Usage of Equipment


  • Optimizes Operations
  • Engages Better with Customers
  • Lowers Costs
  • Accelerates Innovation


  • Optimizes Operations of Fleets
  • Minimizes Service Costs
  • Increases Real-Time Visibility across Roads, Oceans, and Air
  • Improves Preventative Maintenance
  • Amplifies the Capabilities of Transit Systems and Connected Cars


  • Improves Production
  • Accelerates Decision-Making
  • Minimizes Costs
  • Increases Worker Safety

Cities and Communities

  • Cost-Effective Municipal Services (Smart Street Light and Smart Bin)
  • Enhances Quality of Public Transportation
  • Envisions Smart Buildings

Warehouse & Logistics

  • Helps Cut Down Costs
  • Helps Identify Potential Threats
  • Providers Improved and Real-Time Traceability
  • Improves Forecasting


  • Enhances Student Outcomes
  • Improves Campus Monitoring
  • Increases Security

The Expertise of Things.

Our expertise straddles the entire technology and skill spectrum. Here’s a quick look:

 technology and skill spectrum

Connect with a smarter tomorrow.


A great web application is a work of art with perfect mix of intelligent engineering.
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