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12th Annual Day Celebration – Aghaaz 2017

September 27th, 2017 turned us 12 years old and by the age standards, we have entered the teenage At such a proud moment, this fact, makes us realize that still there is a long way to everyone’s availability on 27th September was bleak, the[...]

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Getting Lucid by the Day: The Fourth THM

Town Hall noun  a building used for the administration of local AMERICAN an event at which a politician or public official answers questions from members of the town hall meeting; plural noun: town hall meetings This is the meaning that[...]

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Systematix Infotech Cricket League Season 2

Summer of 2017 witnessed another intoxicating season of The shot up craze as compared to its predecessor event, could be seen and felt throughout the Summers already sets the cricket mania in the country and SCL brought a new wave of it across[...]

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The Enthusiasm And Joy of 3rd Town Hall Meeting

Systematix hosted the 3rd Town Hall Meeting on 31st March 2017, and the event turned out to be a great To witness this event, we also had our team all the way from The evening started with a presentation that depicted all the recent achievements of[...]

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2nd Town Hall Meeting: An Evening To Remember

In the second Town Hall Meeting that was held on 30th December 2016, team members witnessed a thorough delight! The event commenced with everyone singing ‘Itni Shakti Hume Dena Daataa’, as an anthem of power and Right after this, the team[...]

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Town Hall Meeting- A Step Towards Transparency

Systematix witnessed its first Town Hall meeting and it turned out to be a great success! In the first ever Town Hall meeting, not only the team members were enlightened for numerous facts, but the meeting also turned out to be a bridge between[...]

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