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E-commerce Development Services

Cutting edge e-commerce website solutions for superior, robust and scalable online stores that stand the test of time.

Our Expert Dedicated E-Commerce Development Team

Ecommerce is growing 23% year over year and yet most businesses do not have an online store. Not only are these businesses losing to their competition but also losing their customer base. Moreover, e-commerce businesses have not yet fully explored the immense potential of e-commerce website solutions that can give them a winning edge.

Our e-commerce website development services ensure the use of latest state-of-the-art technologies and continued maintenance and support for assured service excellence.

  • Online stores need periodic maintenance and continual updates in order to deliver superior performance. Our e-commerce website solutions comprise a  range of cutting edge services for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.

  • Get superior order management and carting solutions that assure excellent user experience and customer satisfaction. Our e-commerce solutions and services offer robust and reliable shopping cart solutions with error-free order management.

  • The digital environment is evolving fast and mobility solutions have become crucial for ensuring business success. Our e-commerce website development services ensure that the online store functions perfectly and maintains compatibility across different platforms.

  • Our e-commerce website solutions are equipped with strong security protocols and encryptions to ensure complete security during account creation, transaction and browsing.

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Our Passionate Team Has Proven Expertise in the Following Areas of E-Commerce Website Development

  • Ecommerce Strategy & Consultation

    Ecommerce Strategy & Consultation

    Not sure how to bring your business to the online domain? Our e-commerce development services include strategy and consultation to help you get the best custom solution for your e-commerce business.

  • Custom eCommerce Design

    Custom eCommerce Design

    Our expert UI / UX designers create the best user experience by merging innovation, creativity, conversion, and content to create masterpieces that can make your online store stand apart from the competition.

  • Ecommerce Website Development

    Ecommerce Website Development

    Our e-commerce website solutions focus on making online stores faster, reliable, secure and scalable. We have years of expertise in creating e-commerce websites that are in line with industry trends and customer preferences.

  • Ecommerce Website Optimization

    Ecommerce Website Optimization

    Just creating an e-commerce website isn’t enough. Optimization is crucial for getting the maximum benefit out of the online store. Our e-commerce website development services assure top-notch optimization for superior performance.

  • Ecommerce Platform Migration

    Ecommerce Platform Migration

    Not happy with your current e-commerce platform? We can help you to migrate your e-commerce website to the most suitable and effective platform with seamless integration and no downtime.

  • Custom Carting Solutions

    Custom Carting Solutions

    Need flexible payment options? Do you want to offer fast check out and carting solutions? Get your preferred payment gateway integration and scale up to meet growing demands without delays.

  • Superior Order Management Solutions

    Superior Order Management Solutions

    Enjoy zero-error order management with our superior order management solutions. Be it product returns or custom product delivery requests, we make sure that your e-commerce website delivers high performance even under pressure.

  • Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

    Scalable Architecture and Cloud Solutions

    Your e-commerce business wasn’t meant to serve just one location. Whether you are a B2B or B2C online store, you can always scale up seamlessly with our e-commerce website development services.

  • High Security Protocols for Data Protection

    High Security Protocols for Data Protection

    Security is of paramount importance for e-commerce websites. We implement stringent security protocols and encryption to protect customers from identity theft, data theft and fraud transactions.

The ideal content management solution is one which can be managed by anyone with basic technical understanding. Our e-commerce website development services provide next gen CMS solutions that enable e-commerce business owners to exercise greater control over their website’s content.

Whether you have a few products or an extensive collection of multiple product lines with several SKUs, we can provide reliable database management to keep everything organized.

eCommerce platforms need to be able to deliver the maximum benefits for your e-commerce website. Never settle for anything but the best. We can help you find the perfect platform that will enhance your website’s potential.

Browsing through e-commerce websites need to be lag free, convenient, and with advanced search capabilities. Set product filters, language options and product suggestions for a rich online shopping experience.

E-commerce SEO is responsible for driving business growth, increasing sales and improving user experience. Our e-commerce SEO experts provide proven strategies that drive sales and business growth.

Analytics provide in-depth insight into customer behavior, user experience and conversion tracking. These factors are crucial for enhancing the e-commerce website and optimizing it for superior performance.

Complete List Of 100+ Features

  • Content Management
  • Paid Searches
  • Promotional Content
  • Discount and Coupon management
  • Referrals
  • Membership Benefits
  • Easy Checkout Process
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Reporting
  • eCommerce Optimization
  • Ecommerce Ads Management
  • Email Marketing integration
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Product/Category Sorting
More Features
  • Category Status Definition (active/inactive)
  • Manage Category Thumbnails
  • Manage Brands
  • Featured Brands on Homepage
  • Featured Products
  • Time Based Deals
  • Product Management
  • Editing Product Details
  • Editing Product Images
  • Manage Product Review
  • Manage Product Ratings
  • Order Shipping Details
  • Member Account Creation
  • Member Account Management
  • Customer Support
  • Attach Product Videos
  • Attach Promotional Videos
  • Set Product Page URL
  • Manage Homepage Banners
  • Sort Banner Order
  • Optimize Menu
  • Category management
  • Order status updates
  • Manage Customer Accounts
  • Manage Merchant Accounts
  • Merchant Account Creation
  • Delete Customer Accounts
  • Reset Customer Accounts
  • Create Custom Order status
  • Manage Custom Order status
  • View Shipping Address details
  • View Billing Address details
  • Manage Cash on Delivery options
  • Create Discount Codes
  • Manage Discount Codes
  • Auto Apply Discount Codes
  • Set Minimum Order quantity
  • Set Discount Code Use Limit
  • Generate Reports
  • Manage Reporting from Dashboard
  • Set Specific Order Price
  • Set Specific Order Quantity
  • Manage Out of Stock Products
  • Manage “New Arrivals”
  • Manage “Coming Soon” Products
  • Manage Locations
  • Manage Tax Rates for Each Zone
  • Manage International Shipping
  • Add Admin Login
  • Delete Admin Login
  • Responsive Design
  • Compatible with Different Platforms
  • Wish List Management
  • Manage Related Products and Items
  • Manage FAQs
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Social Sharing Features
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • SSL Security Integration
  • Firewall Implementation
  • Website Policy Management
  • Identity Fraud Protection
  • Data Theft Protection
  • Transaction Safety
  • Data Encryption
  • Multi-Touchpoint Contact Information
  • Return Policy
  • Refund Management
  • Augmented Reality Integration
  • Optimized Website Content
  • Clearly Written Product Descriptions
  • Fast Page Loading Time
  • Rich Snippet Product information
  • SEO Friendly Pagination
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Archive
  • Shop Customization
  • Backend Operation Management
  • Localizations and Translations
  • Import Country Units
  • Third Party Shipping Integrations
  • Real-Time Product Updates
  • Social Login Capability
  • Scalable and Flexible Architecture
  • Creative Design
  • Live Chat Support Integration

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More Questions About E-commerce

How secure is your e-commerce website development service?

We have a highly experienced team comprising web experts, information security specialists, and developers who understand the need for ensuring high-security levels, especially for an online store where transaction security and personal information safety is paramount. We use custom encryption (including AES 256 and RSA) along with advanced security protocols to prevent identity theft and to ensure complete protection of transactions.

Is performance optimization included in your e-commerce website development service?

Performance optimization is essential for ensuring the best online shopping experience. Our e-commerce website solutions include performance optimization using techniques such as Sprite Image, Ajax Loading, minimizing HTTP requests, Full Page Cache, Content Delivery Network, etc to significantly better your site’s loading speed. We have a proven track record of overcoming challenges with innovative solutions for delivering superior performance.

What payment gateways do you integrate in an e-commerce website?

We have experience in integrating all standard payment gateways such as Paypal, Authorize.net, etc. While we recommend that our clients go ahead with standard payment gateways, we can work with any payment gateway to accommodate multiple / different currencies and tax structures.

Is search engine optimization included in your e-commerce website solutions?

We have a proven track record in delivering results for e-commerce brands like DCGPAC. Our marketing efforts lead to improvements in the overall ranking, conversion optimization, and traffic. Consult with our experts to understand the SEO requirements and get the perfect strategy to give your e-commerce website the winning edge.

We use an ERP/CRM tool. Can you integrate this with our e-commerce site?

We have worked with over 20 CRM and ERP tools while integrating them with e-commerce websites. The most basic integration allows customer and order data to be synced with the internal system. Not only does this eliminate the need for manual data entry, but also allows superior customer experience. With ERP and CRM tool integrations, we try to bring in automation for the online store to make things easy for customers as well as the management.

Will my e-commerce website be able to handle heavy traffic without crashing?

E-commerce sites are prone to traffic changes and it is important to ensure that sudden spikes in traffic don’t cause the site to crash. Our server team ensures that each online store gets the best server that provides scalability and doesn’t cause downtime in the case of the traffic surge.

Do you provide training and support to manage the store?

Our work doesn’t end with the completion of the e-commerce website. Our team provides the necessary knowledge transfer and training required to manage the operations of the online store. You will get a complete hands on training to use the website’s backend and the features integrated into the system. If you run into problems, then don’t worry; our support team is available to help you resolve all issues at the earliest.

Will I be able to integrate 3rd party extensions with my e-commerce store?

We have a great track record of integrating third party extensions in our e-commerce web solutions. We have the technical expertise and the capabilities to provide seamless integrations of all third party extensions with the e-commerce website. Our consultants can also help you pick the right extensions so that you get the best performance at all times.

Will the e-commerce website be mobile friendly?

E-commerce websites are not restricted to only the desktop browser. More than half of the target users view websites on mobile devices. Our team understands the need for maintaining proper responsiveness of the ecommerce website. We can assure you of proper viewing across all major devices. We can also create mobile apps for the e-commerce store to provide the best customer experience on the respective platforms.

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