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A Game changer DCGpac which is an Online Packaging Material Supplies in India

Summerizing Situation

DCGPAC (a DCG Tech Ltd. Initiative) is a single point of contact for buying packaging materials in India. They mostly cater to ecommerce players as these businesses find it difficult to get all packaging materials such as boxes, courier bags, airbags, packing rolls, packing tapes, angle boards etc. required under one roof for packing and making their products safe for transportation. DCGPAC solves their problem of contacting multiple vendors for different types of products and assortment buying. Today DCGPac is a leading name in B2B commerce of packaging material.

Impact on Business

DCGPac was having conventional feet-on-street sales team. Obviously, the market reach was limited. DCGPac was looking for a platform that is available 24/7 for their existing customers to order directly and at the same time, helps them generate leads for new business development.

The challenge was to have a User Experience and Design that combines ease of use for two different sets of customers – Retail customers who buy in small quantities and Corporate customers who are regular buyers and buy large quantities. A regular corporate buyer is interested to quickly browse their frequently bought products and check out. And also, get reminder on next purchase to avoid stock out situation. At the same time, first time buyers are interested in browsing all products available with DCGPac and order.


Systematix Infotech strategically planned the User experience to address needs of two different sets of customers – Retail as well as Corporate. For Retail customers, website and mobile app offer search, slab-pricing, add to cart and checkout. For Business customers, website offers a dedicated URL where they can quickly do purchase transactions and check out their dashboard.

An important aspect of ecommerce website is tight integration with the backend application for smooth order processing, inventory management and sourcing of material. Systematix Infotech made this possible to automate all operations flawlessly giving them edge to serve their customers as swiftly as possible.

Resolution Impact


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