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Get Digital Transformation through IoT and Mobility

An IoT and Mobile app that helped improve Product support TAT under warranty or maintenance

Summarizing Situation

Our client is one of the leading, transmission, and distribution companies that offers a wide range of high and low voltage motors aka rotating machines for various industrial purposes. Their range includes safe and hazardous area motors, energy-efficient motors as well as motors for special application like brake motor, re-rolling mill, cement mill, oil-well pump, DC Motors and Traction motors.

As the motors are for industrial purposes, they are installed at various manufacturing sites and also installed for various applications.

These motors require installation and maintenance support. Our client has a significant workforce to install and maintain different types of motors at various sites. The motor is maintained via a drive. They had a Windows-based desktop application for installation and configuration of the motor. The laptop is connected using a serial cable to the drive and motor configuration is done. This drive is installed alongside the product for configuration and maintenance. The workforce carried the laptop at every site for installation, maintenance, operation issues, and support services.

Impact on business


High product support cost due to capital intensive infrastructure (laptops) required for support.


Difficulty in incorporating new features deployed on the hardware side in the desktop app as it is a legacy application.


Carrying a laptop to every site is challenging and time-consuming.


Longer sales and support time.


Cables that connect the drive and laptop, get damaged over time, and start giving system connectivity issues.

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After a thorough assessment of the process, Systematix Infotech team decided to provide a an IoT and Mobility solution. Mobile devices are very much handy, and this eases out the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The solution drastically reduced the hardware cost as field engineers can simply install this application on their own mobile device irrespective of whether Android or iOS.

This mobile application operates over a wireless ecosystem i.e., WiFi & BLE which further reduced the recurring cost. The application pairs with the drive over WiFi and the field engineer can seamlessly complete configuration and amend settings if needed. The Mobile app is very robust as it incorporated all the reported user experiences issues, operations issues in the earlier desktop application and Systematix Infotech added many more new features to make it highly easy to provide support.

Resolution Impact


4x Speedy support operations


Significant reduction in support cost


App operational intelligence for further improvement


Ease of use in maintaining product installed at any site


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