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15 Reasons Why Consumers Abandon Virtual Shopping Carts

E-commerce is booming, especially in light of recent events when governments are taking an initiative for creating a cashless E-commerce has not only provided the convenience of shopping with complete privacy, but it has also provided the means to[...]

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2nd Town Hall Meeting: An Evening To Remember

In the second Town Hall Meeting that was held on 30th December 2016, team members witnessed a thorough delight! The event commenced with everyone singing ‘Itni Shakti Hume Dena Daataa’, as an anthem of power and Right after this, the team[...]

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How To Gather User Feedback On Your WordPress Site

Importance Of Feedback A customer feedback can be loosely defined as a process of obtaining opinions about a product or a service from your This is very vital in that it comes with it various benefits that can be used for the improvement of the[...]

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E-commerce Technology Trends In 2017

In recent years, the world has seen major developments in digital payment systems through the internet, or what is known as By conducting a careful analysis of the eCommerce technology trends, it is more than just clear that there will be further[...]

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