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12th Annual Day Celebration – Aghaaz 2017

September 27th, 2017 turned us 12 years old and by the age standards, we have entered the teenage At such a proud moment, this fact, makes us realize that still there is a long way to everyone’s availability on 27th September was bleak, the[...]

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21 Amazing Free Business Tools Online

As the business scenario is changing with most of the businesses coming online, the resources are also With the technologies like cloud computing (SAAS/PAAS/IAAS) which are based on the internet, getting resources like data, applications, API’s,[...]

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4 Ways to Make a Millennial-Targeting Brand

The word millennial has been buzzing around a lot What is it? In fact, you need to refine the question to- who is it? Popularly millennials are known to be the youngest of the working generations Attaching the prefix ‘millennia’ to the word[...]

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