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Big Data & Analytics

When was the last time you had the right information at the right time?

Let our mission critical experts and end-to-end Data Analytics and Prediction Algorithm expertise bring all your data sources into one unified, coherent and easy to access ‘control point’. Leverage accurate information and friendly dashboards to mine winning insights and make timely, more informed business decisions.

Allow our platform neutral 100% configurable Business Intelligence & Data Analytics solutions to unlock the power of the data piling up in your systems every day. Your business generates a gazillion data every minute. Turn it into priceless business ammunition by:

  • Optimizing performance more visibly.

    Optimizing performance more visibly.

  •  Freeing up resources more intelligently.

    Freeing up resources more intelligently.

  • Driving down costs more consistently.

    Driving down costs more consistently.

  • Nurturing relationships more meaningfully.

    Nurturing relationships more meaningfully.

  •  Boosting ROI more measurably

    Boosting ROI more measurably

  • Accelerating Smarter Decisions

    Accelerating Smarter Decisions

Big Data Analytics Solutions

How to scale ahead of competition with industry-focussed DA solutions?

  • By Taking Informed Decisions
  • By Improving Organizational Efficiency
  • By Increasing Profits
  • By Improving Operations and Management
  • By Tracking Potential Threats

Take more strategic business decisions with our strategic data analytics workflow

Every organization needs to prioritize data discovery, in order to identify customer habits and other essential details. With the help of third-party platforms i.e. Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, we makes sure that it becomes easier for the concerned clients to deploy, build, and embed intelligent applications and analytical tools for generating better engagement levels.

We have a specific approach when it comes to driving actionable intelligence across industry verticals.

Identify Insights

  • Determines key takeaways depending on individual and corporate data consumption
  • Makes use of customer survey by deploying best-in-class analytics
  • Runs quickly through massive chunks of disparate data sets

Segment Customers

  • Considers strategy planning depending on the segmentation matrix
  • Extends through multiple stages including planning and implementation
  • Open APIs are used for catering to specific client preferences

Capture using Analytics

  • Makes use of BT insights i.e. Actionable Business Technology
  • Makes Sure Smart Insights can be Procured using Machine Learning
  • Anomaly Detection is also Possible

Collect Actionable Data

  • CLTV or ‘Customer Lifetime Value’ is used to identify the most loyal clients
  • Customer management strategies are put to use
  • Makes sure Customer Investments are Properly Directed

Nurture Models

  • Involves Lead Scoring by Deploying Advanced Analytics
  • Targets the Conversion Rates and Works on them
  • End-to-End Business Intelligence Tools and Databases are Used for Better Visualization

Transfer Intelligence

  • Phase that Involves Generating Revenue and Converting Leads into Customers
  • Addresses Customer Satisfaction Levels based on Predictive Algorithms
  • Spans Beyond the Dashboard Insights with Bots, Alerts, and IoT Tools

Explain Results

  • Concerns Generating Optimal ROI
  • Most Important Phase of the BI Workflow
  • Ascertains the True Meaning of Data and Strategies Required for Processing the same

With these seven phases, we make sure our clients are able to convert most visitors into potential customers and generate increased productivity regardless of industry verticals.

Join dots buried in your data & decipher hidden opportunities with advanced Data Analytics strategies

Businesses are never short of raw data sets. Let us process the disparate chunks of data for you and help you take better business decisions.
Here is how we plan on improving decision-making efficiency, across different verticals:

  • Integrated Data Processing Platforms

    Integrated Data Processing Platforms

    Capable of collecting insights from multiple sources, including warehouses and clickstreams, before processing them for actionable intelligence. These platforms assist in overall social media development of the concerned business as they are now capable of visualizing, analyzing, and reporting data without depending solely on the IT workforce.

  • Scalability


    Nothing beats utility as compared to scalable resources i.e. resources that can be customized and modified according to client requirements. Data Analytics solutions offered by us help ascertain issues related to modeling, transformation, data assortment, and almost everything else that allows the shift of power from the IT department to the business authorities.

BI Tools, Ideas, Tactics & more. In short, an Analytics arsenal that multi-tasks, just like you

Businesses require intuitive approaches to grow and evolve. Some of our exclusive attributes that can make a difference:

Reporting Capabilities

  • Automated Dashboards
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Customized Interfaces
  • Decision Making

BI Consultation, Tools, and Analytics

  • Open source intelligence, insights regarding BI implementation, and optimized consulting services.
  • Predictive Analytics Support
  • Makes room for Prescriptive and Descriptive Insights
  • Makes use of Tableau and Microsoft Power BI for amplifying the workflow and data mining capabilities

Implementation Services

  • Capable of mitigating diverse business challenges by optimizing, collecting, and delivering processed data sets.
  • Extensive conglomerate of experienced and trained consultants that are well-aware of the business requirements, technological avenues, and real-time necessities.

Business Systems

  • Works across multiple platforms
  • Streamlines data analytics services for better performances

Data Management and Consolidation Tools

  • Makes room for sales, client, and project governance
  • Takes care of Supply Chain Initiatives
  • Handles Marketing and Financial Aspects
  • Uses Data visualization to increase organizational transparency and improve existing relationships.
  • Uses Data Warehousing capabilities for acquiring data from heterogeneous sources
  • Implements Data Migration services to allow businesses to transfer processed and raw data sets between systems and formats.
  • Makes use of Data Validation to cleanse and correct data sets before sending across as actionable intelligence.

Dashboard Services

  • Dashboard Services are necessary as visualization tools which often paint a picture regarding process generation, object targeting, metrics layout, and more.

Architecture and Design

  • Takes care of Dimension Modeling as a part of a more deep-seated approach.

Area of Expertise

Make your big move.

Our comprehensive suite of offerings

Big Data

Big Data

Data Validation

Data Validation

Data Management

 Data Management

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data Migration

Data Migration

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing


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