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Automate, Analyse and Accelerate your multi-brand distribution business

Say Goodbye to Field Visits for Orders, Phone & WhatsApp Orders

Automating sales and distribution process is crucial as it allows businesses to be always connected with the primary and secondary sales channel for insight on ordering, sales coverage, stock availability, servicing in the entire value chain. The channel becomes independent to do transactions on its own through digital medium without having to meet the wholesalers, dealer, retailers in person always for taking orders. As a manufacturer or distributor, you gain better visibility into sales and distribution operations and can respond quickly to sudden market shifts. The transformation helps to satisfy your customers at every step in the customer experience lifecycle.

A B2B Ordering App for Single or Multi-brand Distributors and Wholesalers

Today, everything is revolving around digital technologies. Your retailer network also expects the technology experience to place business orders as seamlessly as they order for their personal use. Profitley is build from the ground-up to fulfil the complex need to distribution business in any industry. As a ready-to-deploy solution, it gives you comfort of getting digital ready in few weeks. Start your digital journey and leverage technology for business growth.

Profitley for Distributors

Profitley is the most effective application designed and built for all the needs of the distribution industry. The digitalization of your sales network helps you analyse your business, remove inefficiencies, and improve profit.

Retailer Management

Manage your retailer network with an onboarding process to authenticate ordering by approved retailers. Assign retailers to your salesperson. Manage sales performance.

Pricing and Validity Management

Set prices and validity. Retailer and/or Group specific pricing, Recommended retail prices.

Inventory Management

Manage Inventory. Set minimum order quantity. Sell loose functionality.

Sales Team Management

Manage your sales team with an onboarding process. Assign retailers. Set sales targets. Monitor target versus actual performance.

Product Discounts and Validity Managment

Set global, category-specific, product-specific discounts. Use discounts coupons for promotions.

Dashboard and Reports

Focus on performance by using intuitive sales dashboards, Fill ratio, receivables and collection, top products, retailers and salespersons.

Product Management

Manage your product catalogue with easy imports. Set categories and subcategories, product descriptions, images and variants

Order Management

Manage and process retailer orders. Auto notifications on order status. Retailer’s credit period tracking.

Integrations and Tools

Easily Import & export data in various file formats, including .XLSX. Tally ERP integration (on demand). Custom integrations (on demand)

Branded with your logo and color theme, Profitley B2B Ordering App is personalized for your business.

Profitley for Distributor's Retailers Network

Profitley for retailers is specifically designed to accomplish special order booking needs of your retailers. Today, retailers are demanding a digital ordering experience that is as easy, fast and reliable as just a phone call for an order. Profitley ordering app is so intuitive and easy that your retailers will be placing their first orders within minutes without having to take help of your salesperson. The features set is long and here the major ones:

Browser-Based & Mobile-Friendly

Supports all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

Product Catalog

Organized as Categories and Subcategories. Various views for Product listing with detailed product description, images and variants.


Product promotion banners, discounts and coupons.

Application Security

Application accessibility through approval process. Login process for authentication and audit log.

Product Search

Advanced Search. Voice Search. Auto Suggest

Dashboard and Reports

Orders and Order Shipment Status. Invoices. Accounts Payable. Top products ordered (By Category/ Quantity / Value)


Personalized product recommendation engine as per interest of the retailers.

Ordering and Management

Quick Orders. Full and Partial reorders. Multiple delivery addresses and shipping costs. Order status notifications, emails and WhatsApp (on demand). Rule based order cancellation and return requests.

Let your retailers place orders quickly and easily. Enable digital commerce with Profitley B2B Ordering App.

Profitley for Distributor’s Salesperson

The mobile nature of sales force demands an application to be available with the sales rep right at the time of taking order and collection. Profitley empowers your sales Reps to perform efficiently in the field.

Browser-Based & Mobile-Friendly

Supports all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Retailers Orders and Management

Place orders on behalf of Retailers. Check inventory and order shipment status. Track sales and improve sales performance.

Retailers Account Management

Manage assigned retailers. Onboard new retailers. Check accounts receivables. Make collections.

Empower your sales team to sell smartly. Enable mobility with Profitley B2B Ordering App.