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Bots for Logistics and Supply Chain Company to Monitor Right Tax Payable for Import

Summarizing situation

A leading international logistics and supply chain company had to deploy large workforce of 10-12 resources for monitoring and collecting right tax payable for import in the country. The volume was as many as 2000 consignments a day. The process required manually accessing various applications and systems for each and every consignment to

  • Register the individual consignment on government’s tax site
  • Confirm how much tax is payable
  • Verify whether tax is already paid or not by the consignor
  • Check if already paid then whether the right tax is being paid or not,
  • Reconcile daily, fortnightly and monthly to verify variance between the tax payable and actual tax paid by the consignor and variance between the tax paid on behalf of the consignee to the government and that collected from the consignee at the time of delivery

Impact on business

Repeating so many steps for each and every consignment every day referring multiple systems, searching records, populating custom created spreadsheet, reconciliation, and settlement along with the daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports was cumbersome. On an average 2000 fresh records were hitting the system every day. Any error means loss of revenue to the company. Repetition of the same work was creating challenge of talent management and decreased productivity because the workforce did not have any motivation to do this type of monotonous job.

The client was incurring revenue loss because of the manual handling and processing of so much data volume. Day-by-day it was becoming difficult to achieve the error-free process.

  • Time-consuming and cumbersome task
  • Time loss in the reconciliation
  • Misleading information and reports


Systematix was already working with the client on other projects. They approached Systematix Infotech and discussed the problems in this process. This step-by-step process was very systematic and repeatitive in nature. Looking into this Systematix Infotech recommended the client to go for Robotic Process Automation. We suggested them Digital Workforce who can work like humans and execute task one by one. The whole process was suggested to be completed by 3 bots. Client opted to go ahead with the recommendation and soon they were brought to life. These bots were made smart enough to identify exceptions and meticulously handle them. They also generate the error log file end of the process to take corrective action if the need be.

Systematix’s team of 3 professionals utilized the capabilities of Automation Anywhere for this project and helped the client to transform the process and reduce the working from a day to few minutes within 10 days. The whole process was made smart from just doing the monotonous tasks to doing it automatically and also generating insightful reports for decision making

Resolution Impact

Complete mitigation of financial losses

Improved data visibility to know everything in a few clicks

Zero human intervention

Huge time and effort saving

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